The great things you can do with your iPhone can be combined with smart watches

android smartwatch connected to the iPhone has seemingly unlimited possibilities to facilitate it, but you need to know how to use it. If you can link your iPhone with smart watches, you can simplify life easily by following the tips in this article.

Your iPhone can be connected to a smart watch and can do almost anything you want. The phrase “There is an application for this” part of the tongue on the cheek and partly real. The App Store has many great ideas and things you can use to track, track or remember.

If you have Siri on your next generation iPhone that can be connected to a smart watch, remember to talk in a simple, clear and slow way. If you talk too fast, with a deep accent or mutter your words, he will not be able to understand you and eventually you will feel frustrated. Try to learn words that he knows easily so you can use them more easily.

You may want to choose a larger keyboard to facilitate Internet browsing. The iPhone can be connected to smart watches that have a larger keyboard installed. Instead, you can change your iPhone so that it turns right clockwise 90 degrees to the right. Then, in Safari, tap the URL bar. This gives you instant access to a larger keyboard.

It is not common to know how easy it is to save images from Safari or Mail. That’s easy When you see the photo you want to save, just click on it and hold it down for about 3 seconds. A box with a save option will appear.

Did you know that an iPhone can be linked to a smart watch and take screenshots like a computer? Press and hold the home button on your phone and press the sleep / wake button to take a screenshot of your iPhone that can be connected to a smart watch. Then you will hear a click on the camera, you will see the flash and then it will capture the screen of your iPhone connected to the smart watch and it will be saved in the roll of the camera.

You can customize your iPhone with smart watches by changing the wallpaper and the main screen of your iPhone can be linked to smart watches. You can choose from the existing wallpapers that Apple has created or selected from your camera roll, where you can choose from stored photos.

You probably know that many people who own an iPhone can connect to smart watches and see how technology accompanies them. With the advice you just read, you can use your iPhone as much as possible in terms of smart watches.

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